7 Trends That’ll Be “In” for 2017 — and 3 That’ll Be “Out”

  1. OUT: “Strictly” Antique
    The pressure is off when it comes to only pairing antiques with pieces from the same period. “No one will be interested in designing an entire space, let alone an entire home, with a strict period in mind,” says Warren Sheets. “While it’s great to have a period as your starting off point, you don’t have to adhere to it exclusively. It’s more aesthetically intriguing to create a look that cohesively mixes of elements from the past and the future.”
  2. OUT: Oversized Furniture
    “Space is always a premium, so creative and functional use of space is becoming more important,” says Sheets. “Oversized furniture not only serves to overwhelm, but they have become an inefficient use of space. So we will really be seeing more furniture either ideally scaled to the space or custom-designed to appropriately fit.”
  3. OUT: Brushed Metal
    “Industrial looking or burnished metals have had their day,” says Sheets. “Shiny, warm metals like bronze and gold are resurging as important ways to lend elegance to a space.”
  4. IN: Matte Appliances
    The new look for the kitchen is bold without being in-your-face. “An object with a matte finish seems to strip away all other distractions such as surface sheen, forcing the form of the object to speak for itself,” says designer Bobby Berk. “Matte can also be a really unexpected finish for objects that are traditionally lustrous or glossy. This surprise can serve as a wonderful layer in your design, adding depth to the overall composition and a counterpoint to other finishes.”
  5. IN: Marble
    You’re not just noticing it on Pinterest — marble is becoming a huge trend. “Naturally it is showing up in the all areas of our industry,” says Laura Michaels of Get a Room Design, who recalled how the tile market was dominated by the material at the industry show Covering 2016, especially when paired with wood and metal. “Marble wall covering carpet and fabric have not missed this trend either. There is no market untouched by this dominant material!”
  6. IN: Cerused Wood
    A “cerused” finish refers to the technique that brings out the unique grain of wood. “This trend which has been around in the high end market for some time has finally trickled down and seems universally accepted,” says Laura Michaels. You’ll see it on cabinets, but also in bigger pieces like tables, chairs, and storage furniture.
  7. IN: Jewel Tones
    Say good-bye to beige. The new look for walls will be pure drama. “Deep jewel tones, like emerald green or amethyst, and pastel colors, which are found in nature are popular,” says designer Heather Higgins, who also cites the saturated neutral of Benjamin Moore’s 2017 color of the year, Shadow.
  8. IN: Nailhead Details
    This accent is a classic for upholstered pieces, but it’s being used in whole new ways. “We are seeing this trend go beyond the usual upholstery and into storage chests, credenzas, and even base plates of lighting fixtures! Some designers even use nail heads to create a pattern on the piece of furniture,” says Jennifer Koen, senior vice president for business development at the luxury consignment site Viyet. The Greek Key ottoman by the Madeline Stuart Collection offers a modern take on the familiar pattern via nailheads.
  9. IN: Subway Tiles
    Another trend that is certainly nothing new, but seems to be cementing itself as a style element of our generation, is subway tile. It’s such a classic and versatile tile choice, and it really works with all sorts of styles and is affordable at any price point,” says Bobby Berk. The new look is all about the unexpected element. “In my own designs, we’ve used subway tile to great effect in a farmhouse kitchen, where we added a dark grout to make the backsplash graphic and allow the tile to be even more durable and less likely to show dirt. It’s a fantastic choice for any aesthetic, lifestyle, and budget and comes in a variety of materials, colors and finishes. A great way to combine trends would be to consider a matte glass subway tile, for instance.”
  10. IN: Smart Home Features
    As our lives revolve more around our devices, so will our homes. “We will be seeing more and more creative ways of incorporating charging docks and areas specifically dedicated to these devices into the design of a space,” says designer Warren Sheets. IKEA’s SELJE nightstand is just one example of the new generation of smart furniture.